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This roll up door is called the Furnish Rolling Service Doors, series 225. This rolling door is manufactured by “ADT” complete with curtain, hood, guides, counterbalance, and options as specified.


  • Manual lift
  • Chain hoist using gear reduction and galvanized hand chain
  • Internal or external industrial motors
  • Hand crank using gear reduction and removable hand crank

Details About This Rolling Door

The curtain consists of interlocking slats that are cold rolled and formed from galvanized steel clamshell profile (SP4). Slat thickness shall be calculated with U.S. gauging with a minimum of 22ga. for doors up to 22 feet and 4 inches wide. The steel slats are to be galvanized as per A.S.T.M. A653. Each curtain shall receive a bottom bar to maintain the slat alignment and posture.

The bottom bar shall consist of two steel shop primed angles a minimum of ⅛ inch thick.

The spring counterbalance is to be housed in a steel pipe of the appropriate diameter and wall thickness as to support the curtain. The deflection shall be limited to a maximum of .03 inch per feet. of door width. The springs are to consist of helical torsion type and designed to meet a 25 percent safety load factor. The safety factor allows for safe operation, ease of use, and longer spring life. The springs are to be grease packed and anchored, using a cast iron anchor, to a cold rolled steel inner shaft. The spring tension shall be fully adjustable from outside of the end bracket plate. To ensure smooth operation, the end bracket plates shall contain sealed ball bearings to minimize the wear of the pipe shaft.

The end bracket plates shall consist of steel plate no less than 3/16 inch thick. The bracket plates are to house the pipe shaft and counterbalance assembly. The shaft is attached to the plate by sealed ball bearings that fit onto the plate.

The guides shall consist of a minimum of 3 inches structural steel angles a minimum of 3/16 inch thick. The guide depth shall be of a length adequate to provide for proper slate penetration and specified windloading.

The hoods shall consist of a minimum of #24 U.S. gauge steel. The hoods are designed to protect and house the counterbalance assembly. In order to prevent hood sagging, intermediate supports shall be furnished as required.

The locking for manual and chain operated doors are to be slidebolts mounted on the bottom bar with provisions for padlocks. The gearing within motors are to be self-locking.

The finish for all non-galvanized surfaces shall receive a shop coat of rust inhibiting primer. The field painting is not included in this section.

Installation is to be by ADT or by an authorized dealer.


  • Sloping bottom bar
  • Security panel
  • Kick plate using SC4 slat
  • Bottom bar with rubber astragal
  • Designer Hood

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