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PDF’s – 870 Series Brochure

The Model 870 uses frameless 1/8″ tempered glass lites allow for both high visibility and security. The integrity of the tempered glass panels is further enhanced by the use of rigid P.V.C. gaskets top and bottom, which incorporate a unique shock absorbing core to cushion the glass.

For smooth rolling, trouble-free operation, all USP Model 870 grilles run on 11/8″ diameter ball bearing rollers in our heavy duty custom track. The grilles use 5/16″ cold rolled steel hangar rods that will not deform during the lifetime of the grille. A greater degree of security can be provided by substituting 1/8″ lexan or solid aluminum panels in place of the standard tempered glass.

Cylinder controlled lock posts with self adjusting steel floor bolts and steel top bolts are provided for grille ends. Intermediate posts with steel floor bolts are supplied for (up to) every 10 feet of grille. Dust free, stainless top, floor sockets are included. Bipart egress assemblies are provided as required.