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PDF’s – Model FDC Series Brochure
Each Advanced Door Technologies fire door release device serves as an interface between the smoke detection system and fire door. As the central control, the fire door release system receives and interprets all signals to instruct the fire door and all warning devices to act appropriately.

Advanced Door Technologies offers a choice of three different models, for both motorized and non-motorized applications. For motorized applications, the appropriate release device works in conjunction with a standard, commercial electromechanical or solid-state operator to create an enhanced, yet economical, fire door operating system. All devices ensure the continued protection and code compliance for the fire door or shutter by enabling routine operation inspections without activating the primary alarm system and without disturbing building occupants. All our fire door release devices are C-UL-US, FM, and CSFM listed and are compliant with the NFPA 80 requirement for a fail-safe door holder/release device.


Advance Fire Control Release Device
The AFCB fire door release device is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard commercial door operator to provide a fully automated door closing system.



Extended Performance Release Device
The XPBB release device functions as a localized fire alarm system and can operate on 120VAC, 24VAC, or 24VDC power sources.



High Performance Release Device
The XP fire door release device provides a fail-safe release mechanism for non-motorized doors and acts as an interface between the door and fire alarm system.